Air quality in

Quebec city

Low-cost Air Quality Sensing for Hyperlocal air quality measurement

In Quebec, there is an absence of air quality measurements based on sectors or proximity to sources. Do we want to know the impact of wood heating on smog in Quebec? Or the pollution generated by car traffic in a neighborhood? There are 8 measuring stations installed in the Quebec City agglomeration for a population of 800,000 inhabitants. Thus, sensors in a high-density network would be useful to better understand the spatial distribution of air pollution and its impact in various local communities.

Ricky Ng-Adam and Prof Patrick Hayes have received a small grant (15k$) to kickoff scientific documentation research on low-cost air quality sensors in Quebec city with a slightly larger grant (30k$) eventually if our proposal is successful.

We're making progress with various other grant programs to potentially fund more of the program.

We want to understand the best option for citizens to participate in indoor/outdoor air quality sensing.

So far, we're looking to compare:

We have an opportunity to locate a test lab close to an official air quality station to help us benchmark the solution, especially given our climate, following the example set by labs such as Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center.

We need to check performance in our harsh winters (-35C) in preparation for a large scale deployment would be in spring of 2023.